We are Techone!

Techone is the ICT specialist for entrepreneurial Netherlands. From our locations, each with their unique identity and specialization, we collectively offer a complementary spectrum of services to SMEs in the Netherlands.

We believe in a complementary approach, where knowledge and expertise go hand in hand. We priotize people, take decisive steps forward, and are driven by boundless ambition to shape the digital future.



Enthusiastic colleagues



Our network offers a rich variety of knowledge and expertise, maintaining a uniform standard of quality and customer service.

This combination grants us the impact of a national player while preserving a local focus.

We believe in prioritizing results. Trough clear communication and a hands-on mentality, we can act swiftly and deliver outcomes. Simultaneously, we strongly emphasize personal attention, viewing individuals as more than just a role or function. This personal approach fosters a sense of unity and satisfaction within our teams.

Our vision is to become the primary point of contact for Dutch companies in the field of ICT. In summary, we aim to empower our clients to perform at their best.

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In a world that is constantly evolving digitally, we arm small and medium-sized businesses against threats. Our advanced security solutions ensure that critical data remains protected, with the focus on quality and customer orientation that Techone is known for.



Cloud services offer flexibility and scalability that complement physical infrastructure. By leveraging both public and private cloud solutions, costs can be saved and scaling up or down can be done quickly according to needs. Techone is the largest consumer of Microsoft 365 in the Netherlands, underscoring our broad expertise.

Managed IT

Managed IT

Managed IT services encompass the support and management of the entire environment. These services ensure that IT systems not only function effectively but also remain secure and up-to-date. They assist in implementing new technologies within the existing infrastructure and cloud services, ensuring that the organization maximizes the value from its IT investments.



Connectivity forms the foundation for all other IT services. Without reliable and efficient connections, including VOIP solutions and internet connections, other services such as cloud applications, data center management, or managed IT services cannot function effectively. A strong connectivity base ensures that data can be processed smoothly and securely, which is essential for all other IT activities.



The infrastructure is the backbone of your IT environment. It provides the necessary platform on which cloud services, websites, and entire IT environments run, and where managed IT services are executed. A robust and well-managed infrastructure ensures a solid and secure environment for the storage and processing of data.

Building together for a sustainable future for infrastructure and the planet

Our impact

At Techone, talent, knowledge, and technology converge to build a more sustainable future. We understand where we, as a national IT service provider, can make a meaningful impact.

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Unleash your potential

Techone is a rapidly growing organization with a clear objective: to fully support entrepreneurs in the areas of Cybersecurity, Cloud, Managed IT, connectivity, and Infrastructure.

Werken Bij Techone

All Techone employees actively collaborate with tremendous passion and drive to achieve this goal. As a colleague, you'll have the opportunity to actively contribute to our success. By rolling up our sleeves together, we accomplish a great deal.

Do you want to join us in ensuring that our clients can work without worries? Are you looking for a place to further develop yourself?

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